Thomas Hardy's Ale 1978 G 20115

A bottle of Thomas Hardy's Ale dated 1st May 1978. 180ml. Bottle number G 20115 Brewed and bottled by Eldridge Pope and Co. Ltd.
The renovation of the “Trumpet Major” pub in Dorchester, in 1968, for the 40th anniversary of Thomas Hardy’s death was the spark that led Eldridge Pope Brewery to commemorate him through the realization of the beer that the author had imagined, an ale matured in oak casks, very strong, capable of improving better taste with age.
 The label quotes the novel “The Trumpet Major”, in which Thomas Hardy described a Dorchester beer:
 “It was of the most beautiful colour that the eye of an artist in beer could desire; full in body, yet brisk as a volcano; piquant, yet without a twang; luminous as an autumn sunset; free from streakiness of taste, but, finally, rather heady”.